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Specializing in the construction industry for construction, renovation and redevelopment of residential and commercial properties.

GEOASS Edilizia & Progetti

Specializing in the construction industry for construction, renovation and redevelopment of residential and commercial properties.

We are professional technicians, experts in energy upgrading, design and construction, but above all we are passionate in the field of renovation.

We take care of all the technical and bureaucratic part, from the design to the application for the relevant municipal permits and, of course, the whole renovation of the property. The quality of the service we provide is the result of professionalism, experience, know-how and our entrepreneurial approach; all of which brings value and effectiveness to every project.

We offer rapid scheduling of intervention, safety at construction sites, dialogue with clients, qualified labor with long experience in the field, designs, consultations and professional collaborations, all within our studios, are the strengths of our group, one contact person at your service.

Your home renovation service

If you are thinking of renovating your home, bathroom, store, hotel or office, know that it is not easy to renovate, so, our advice is to rely on a specialized company that, in addition to offering expertise, professionalism and reliability, also knows how to advise you, to guide you through the process of transforming your property, from the outline design to the definition of every executive detail.

GEOASS Ediliza&Progetti is a leading company in the field of residential and commercial renovations, are headed by registered surveyors for over 15 years, professionals who can offer you every support, both in the bureaucratic and operational field, so as to transform the complicated process of renovation, in a pleasant and stress-free experience.

At your complete disposal will be technicians to define the executive projects and, advise you on the choices throughout the renovation of the work, offering technical and logistical assistance, and preparing all the administrative paperwork necessary for the execution of the work, and able to untangle the various 110 percent, home bonus, building bonus, and various incentives.

GEOASS Edilizia&Progetti we plan together with you the dates of commencement and delivery of the work, together with the contract is issued a CRONOPROGRAMME OF WORK to allow you to better organize your waiting time, and knowing day by day everything that is operated on the site with certain dates, so that the site can always proceed at maximum performance.

We are committed to offering quality services

Our goal is to establish ourselves as the best company in the area, and we guarantee competitive prices, professional services and great experience in the industry.

Geom. Gianfranco Granillo

Partner Fondatore – Responsabile Tecnico/Amministrativo

Geom. Gianluca Greco

Partner Responsabile cantieri

Ask about our renovation services

We will know how to respond with professionalism and competence, building together a reliable and mutually beneficial collaboration. Our technical office is located at Via Fratelli Bandiera 3 Pozzuoli (NA).